MailWasherPRO – Finally an Effective eMail Anti-Spam Piece of Software

Effective eMail Anti-Spam Software

I am sure all of us who have email accounts suffer from email spam and scams landing in our Inbox. I have been suffering for years now trying to get rid all of all the spam and prevent them from cluttering up my Inbox.

MailWasherPRO - Finally an Effective eMail Anti-Spam Piece of Software

80% of the time some virus or computer Trojan horse is part of the parcel, which can cause havoc if you don't have an effective antivirus program (updating daily) running to protect your computer/laptop from getting infected.

I tried various antispam options as add-on's for Outlook. Not what I wanted because hundreds of spammy mails get first downloaded and then siphoned to spam. Also, malicious software reaches your PC.

Next I tried filtering (stop them) on the mail servers. A bit better but some still seeped past and their is a change to block (and lose) valid and important emails.

Yesterday I searched for an answer of how emails get past filters – what these spammers actually do and came across the most welcomed piece of software (according to me), which made my day!

It is called MailWasherPRO (a trademark of Firetrust) and apparently been talked about on CNN and BBC.

Just what I was looking for! Blocking spam at the email servers before it gets downloaded. Easy to install, user-friendly and runs as a frontend to Outlook.

Since I installed it yesterday my Junkmail folder is CLEAN and spam is for sure getting less due to its learning capability and global spam databases utilized.

It can be downloaded as a full 30 day trial version, after which (if you don't want to purchase) it can be used free, but only one email address is allowed after the trial period.

So, no problem if you have only one email. In my case however I have quite a few. Needless to say for around $30/year it was a no-brainer and I purchased it, considering all the time (even hours saved every day) trying to eliminate spam.

Magic! MailWasher – I salute you..!

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