Apache Web Servers

Apache Web Servers – Why Are They Superior?

You may be wondering what makes Apache web hosting and services more popular than other server platforms. The truth is, we have to look at its installation to identify one reason why many people favour Apache to other platforms.

Apache Web Servers

A search on Google will reveal that we have a lot of applications that have integrated Apache, PHP and MySQL, all necessary for a complete server environment, into one robust easy-to-install package.

Well, this packaging has greatly enabled many people, in fact just about anybody, to be able to download and install the Apache Server environment.

Installation of search packages usually takes a few minutes utmost and you have a fully functional server environment. Well what about Apache web hosting services? How are they supposedly superior to other products?

In most cases, this popularity boils down to familiarity. Even advertisers will know that if they keep stamping the same image in front of you over and over again, it is going to subconsciously affect your purchase decisions the next time you visit the store.

The fact that a lot of people are used to having the Apache local server and have become familiar with it means that they will automatically favour a product they are already acquainted with. Most local server environments are all Apache based and another Apache web hosting service will be no different.

As mentioned earlier, the fact that we have many third-party applications integrating Apache means that it has become more widespread as well. The use of PHP and MySQL to design dynamic web pages has also greatly influenced the need to use Apache web hosting to support these technologies.

During installation, the Apache web server will ask for the destination folder, a MySQL password and some  http information – that’s it. Once these details have been filled in, all one needs is to fire the Apache engine and get to work.

The configuration page is also quite easy since it shows all the configurations in one easy-to-read page as well as the necessary folders what they contain. It is no wonder that many third-party applications have integrated Apache into their products to their advantage.

Thus, whether you are developing and testing a website, experimenting with various web-based programs, running a private site or simply because you can do it, the Apache web hosting and supporting services will make your experience worthwhile.

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