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Effective Date: 01 January 2008

James Minnie (hereinafter referred to as "Owner", "we", "us", "our", and the like), owns and operates this website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"), and as data controller on this website is responsible for collecting, processing and handling your personal information in accordance with this document - Privacy Notice (hereinafter referred to as "Notice")

YOU, as the visitor, member, subscriber, customer or partner (hereinafter referred to as "You", "Visitor", "Visitors", and the like), are required to read, acknowledge and agree to all the provisions of this Notice before you use this website or any of its parts.


Our website address is:

This website is owned and operated by:

Company or legal entity name: James Minnie
Address: Gordons Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
Email address:
Contact: +27 615571644
Responsible person: James Minnie
Data Protection Officer: James Minnie


This Notice applies to the Website, all products, and services owned by the Owner, as well as any other media owned, operated, or otherwise affiliated with the Owner.

The Owner and the Website fully comply with the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR – hereinafter referred to as "Regulation").

PERSONAL DATA, or PERSONAL INFORMATION, refers to all information that can identify a particular person, from personal identification data such as name, address or phone number, to highly sensitive data such as ethnicity, health records or genetic data.

By using the Website, you confirm to be at least 18 years old. The Website is not intended to be viewed or used by persons under the age of 18, and we have no interest in collecting, processing or sharing personal information of minors.

We may collect your personal information on the Website, using various methods, and for various reasons, as described in the upcoming sections of this Notice, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We do not collect or process any personal data that could be labeled as sensitive data.

You have the right to refuse to share your personal information with us, in which case we may limit your access to the Website (or any of its parts), certain features and functionalities, our products and services, and we may be unable to process any of your requests, including any of your orders, purchases, or other requests.


Types of data that we may collect about You, either automatically or by asking You to submit such information to us voluntarily, are as follows:

Personal Identification Data, which may include any information that may identify you as a person, such as, your full name, postal address, email address, phone numbers, and the like.

Financial Identification Data, in cases when you order or purchase any of our products or services, which may include your bank account, debit or credit card, Paypal account, as well as any other information required to process orders and payments.

Analytical Identification Data, which refers to any type of information that we can automatically collect through the use of "cookies", various website technologies, and third-party applications, and may include various types of analytical, technical and usage-related data that may indentify you as a person, such as, Internet Protocol address (IP address), specific usage data (type and version of your browser, operating system, visited pages, duration of visits, and the like), specific tracking data, and the like.

We may use collected personal data for statistical, analytical, and reporting purposes of general nature. In those cases, previously collected personal information will be completely anonymized, to the point where it can no longer identify a particular person, and therefore cannot be defined as personal information. We may use such collection of anonymized data unlimitely without your knowledge or consent.


We may collect various types of personal data, either automatically or through your input, during your use of the Website. This may include any type of your direct interaction with any part of the Website (such as, when you fill out a form, post a comment, subscribe to the newsletter, interact with third-party elements, purchase any of our products or services, register an user account, directly contact us in any way, and the like), or any automated process based on using "cookies", website technologies, third-party applications, and the like.


We may collect various types of information about You and your use of the Website, for various purposes that may include our legitimate interests, legal obligations, improvements to the Website, our business goals, development of our products and services, and the like.

We may use collected information for different purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • to provide, maintain and improve the Website;
  • to develop and improve our products and services;
  • to provide customer support and contact you if necessary;
  • to personalize your experience and use of the Website;
  • to enable you to use all features and interactive elements of the Website, such as comments, discussion boards, and the like;
  • to monitor performance and use of the Website;
  • to collect analytical data that may be important for our business-related goals, marketing activities, maintenance and improvements of the Website, and the like;
  • to process orders and payments;
  • to perform our marketing activities and campaigns, including sending you periodic email messages with marketing-related content (if we obtained your consent or have a valid ground based on our legitimate interests);
  • to allow you to participate in our services and offers, including promotions, surveys, newsletters, membership programs, contests, and the like;


We may store collected Personal Data in a secure way on different online and offline mediums, including online databases, cloud services, local computers and databases, removable hardware, and the like.

Personal data stored on such mediums is protected with appropriate security mechanisms, including encryption, password protection, and access limited to only authorized persons. Any personal data stored on mediums owned by third parties may also be the subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. All third parties that we may use to store personal data are aligned with the Regulation and provisions of this Notice.

If there is a valid reason to suspect on any type of violation or data breach, we will follow the procedures prescribed by the Regulation and timely inform all involved or required parties, including you and the competent regulatory bodies.


In some cases we may be required to share personal data od Visitors with our partners, governing bodies, and other third parties, in various cases that may be necessary to:

  • pursue and protect our legitimate interests;
  • fulfill our legal obligations or comply with any applicable law or regulation;
  • prevent illegal activities on the Website, or related to our company, products, and services;
  • use third-party tools, services, products, and applications that are essential for the proper functioning of the Website or our business;
  • use services of third-party providers that are essential for the Website or our business, when we are unable to provide such services by ourselves;

We may share personal data with those third parties only to the extent required for the specific purposes, in accordance with your permission (obtained at the point of collecting Personal Data), this Notice, the Regulation, and specific instructions.


We may be required to transfer Personal Data to third parties outside of EEA (European Economic Area), as well as to countries which may have different data protection laws.

Such transfers of personal data will be made only to countries that have same or adequate data protection laws as in European Union (EU), or to only those service providers that fully agree to follow all the provisions of this Notice and the Regulation.

We will make sure that personal data is always transferred and treated securely, accordingly with this Notice and the Regulation. Furthermore, we will make sure that the privacy and integrity of personal data is not compromised in any way.


Based on provisions of the Regulation, you have certain rights over your personal information, including the right to access, update and transfer all the data that we might have in our records, as well as rights to restrict data processing, wholly or partially withdraw your consent for specific use of your personal data, and to "be forgotten", which means that we are required to permanently remove all your personal data from our records.

To use any of those rights, please contact us through available contact information with adequatelly submitted request.


Besides everything stated above, you should also be informed about the following:

Disclaimer for personal data you knowingly share with others

By using this website you may knowingly share your personal information with others, for example, when you post a comment or use any similar interactive element. In those cases, you are sharing your personal information with others at your own risk and discretion, and that information automatically becomes "public".

We do not have control over your actions in those cases, and therefore we cannot take responsibility for such data. However, we may still process such publicly disclosed data to ensure the proper functioning of our website.

Keep in mind that some, or all interactive elements available on the Website may be powered and owned by third parties, which means the data you share by using those interactive elements becomes subject to the privacy policies and data processing practices of those third parties, which we do not control in any way.

Links to third- party websites

The Website may contain various types of links to third party websites that are not under our control. Therefore, we are not responsible for any part of the content, any practice or process, terms of use, or privacy policies of those websites.


The Website may use "cookies" to obtain various types of analytical, technical and usage data (which may contain Personal Data), for purposes such as, to personalize user experience, monitor performance, gather analytic data, and the like.

You have every right to define custom "cookie" settings, including the ability to entirely disable "cookies", by customizing specific settings inside your web browser.

Keep in mind that by disabling "cookies" you may not be able to use all the functionalities and features of the Website.


The Website may display advertisements through various advertising networks, such as Google Adsense and similar, which may create and set their own "cookies" to monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns, deliver targeted ads, and the like.

We do not have any control over the actions and practices of those advertising networks. Their usage of "cookies" and any type of personal data is the subject of their privacy policies.

Possible changes

We may update and modify this Notice at any time, at our sole discretion. While we may inform you about changes made to this Notice, You are responsible for keeping yourself updated with all the provisions of this Notice. Therefore, we recommend You to periodically check this Notice for any possible changes.

Your acceptance of this Notice

By using the Website, you confirm the acceptance of all provisions of this Notice, including any possible changes made to this Notice in the future, no matter if you reviewed them or not.

If you do not agree with all the provisions of this Notice, please leave the Website immediately.


In case you have questions about your rights or provisions of this Notice, or you want to contact us regarding any other matter, you can use the following contact addresses:

by phone: +27 615571644
by email message:
alternatively, in writing: Gordons Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

We give our best to timely respond to every query and messages, but allow us up to 7 days to reply to your message.

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