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I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.


My name is James Minnie, a born South African living in Gordon's Bay - a lovely town on the south-western coast of South Africa. (About 70 Km from well-known Cape Town)

This site's main pillar, Internet Marketing, started after months of hair pulling to get answers of what is happening behind the scenes in this business. I decided to make "Minnie Online" a source for people like me who want to start their own Internet Marketing business but have no clue what it entitles, or money to throw around.

I have found that it is "Lion" country on the www. Everywhere hunters looking for prey are found. With this site, I would like to help people to avoid these dangers - survive on the internet and start a successful online business.

Maybe you have a business, a hobby or provide a service to generate extra income but have not exposed it on the Internet yet. Do not miss this most valuable advertising method.

We cater for those who have no clue about a Website and provide advice and most affordable options to make people aware of your business, service or product.

Furthermore, Web Design and Internet Marketing require dedication, hours of programming and are a science / art like none, as many internet marketers will testify.

Although the Internet is around for a while, “Online Marketing” is still far from reaching its real potential.

Many have not consider Internet Marketing yet and are still very sceptical about it.

However, many a millionaire today found their riches online. Online marketing is a business – we cannot ignore it. Maybe the time is right to look into this phenomenal opportunity.

I believe it is possible to build an Internet Business without putting your hand to deep into your pocket. Many have achieved it.

In fact – it can be and should be a low cost no risk option to start your own business.

As in any business however, the interest should be there – followed by determination to make it work.

My goal is to equip readers with valuable information about Internet Marketing and want it to be a much-needed source to get to their ultimate goal.

Useful information regarding Internet Marketing, Web Design, Blogging and Software is published.



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