mapi32.dll is corrupt or the wrong version – MS Outlook and Vista

mapi32.dll Error

I experienced a problem with my wife’s laptop running on Vista. After installing MS Office 2003 and activating it successfully the Eula kept on popping up whenever on of the office applications are opened (Word, Excel etc).

mapi32.dll is corrupt or the wrong version

When accepting it all seems to be OK until the application is closed and opened again.

This was eventually overcome by turning the “User Account Control” in Vista off in “Security Centre”, open an office application and accept the Eula for the last time. “User Account Control” can be turned on again afterwards.

Then I faced the next surprise. Starting Outlook I was confronted by an error message “mapi32.dll is corrupted or wrong version…bla-bla-bla…re-install Outlook”.

Tried repair, re-install and more but nothing seemed to solve the problem. It got to a point where I wanted to wipe the hard drive and start Windows installation from scratch.

Luckily, I first did some internet research and discovered it was a common problem with Outlook!

One solution mentioned is to rename “mapi32.dll” in “Program Files/Common Files/System/MSMAPI/1033” with another file extension i.e. “mapi32.old”. Tried this but no luck.

Then tried another solution which did the trick:

Rename “msmapi132.dll(in the same folder as “mapi32.dll”) with another extension i.e. “msmapi132.old”.

Restarted Outlook which then did an install again and started afterwards without any further hiccups.

Hope this help?

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