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App Developers And The Gold Rush People look at app developers like they are those early explorers who would go in and claim an area of land for their monarch. Well, they certainly are that. But they are a lot more. For instance, app developers who are successful and ready with an app or two, […]

What is Wedding Videography? Basically the term Wedding Videography is used to describe the capturing of a wedding on video. Other terms associated with this method are wedding film and wedding movie. Love is one of the most cherished feelings in this world. It is celebrated in various ways that can only be uniquely experienced […]

What Kind Of Device Will We Be Hanging Onto Five Years From Now? Consumer tech is really shaping up quickly about how we tend to live and stay in touch. What does the future of technology hold for us in the near future? At this point, most people find that they have a Smartphone that […]

What is an iPod Shuffle? The iPod Shuffle is a great mp3 device for the eclectic listener that enjoys spontaneity. You can let it “shuffle” through your music and randomly choose what you will hear, or the newer generation devices actually make use of voice technology through which you can dictate what artist, song, or […]

Kodak’s Printer Software helps to turn Two Regular Photos into One 3D Photo Perhaps the whole premise of the movie Titanic was a little off. Objects of interest from the Titanic can be worth millions of dollars. They didn’t have to go after the Heart of the Ocean. A few worthless artefacts would have been […]

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