The Future of Technology

What Kind Of Device Will We Be Hanging Onto Five Years From Now?

Consumer tech is really shaping up quickly about how we tend to live and stay in touch. What does the future of technology hold for us in the near future?

At this point, most people find that they have a Smartphone that performs most the tasks that they need. Five years from now, what kind of devices will be central to our lives?

The Future of Technology

Technology experts are pretty clear at this point that the basic concept of what we will hang on to won’t change: we will still have our Smartphones and our iPad-like slate computers.

What will be different about them will be how much more capable they will be while being far lighter.

The important thing that will set them apart from what we have today will be that they will be evolved enough to begin to communicate with us in far more intuitive ways.

While the touch screen was a great step forward in its time, it is hardly as intuitive as speaking to a computer could be.

Speech recognition is almost certainly going to develop to the point where it will reliably allow us to speak and have our mobile devices respond.

Some people will find that having a room full of people jabbering away at their phones could be a distraction. But people already do jabber into their phones for other reasons more or less.

It’ll just be one more thing. And it will be wonderful to be able to send text message without using a full keyboard like on the BlackBerry and without an annoying dictionary mode.

Google, that makes Android, is pretty confident that this is the way the future of technology will take our Smartphones over the next five years.

But never mind how the technology will progress for a moment; what will we do with our mobile devices of the future that will be different?

If everyone has a device that’s constantly connected to the Internet, all kinds of new things that become possible.

There are quite a few ways to make money with your smart phone that are already coming up.

For instance, with the power of a Smartphone in your hands, if you are heading to a certain place in your car, an app called “Uber” lets you pick up people on your way there.

For money another app like Google’s “Open Spot” for the Android, for now not a great success, lets you open up your driveway as a mini parking lot for anyone when you are not using it.

Likewise, you can always use other people’s driveways when you need somewhere to park that’s close to where you’re going. Payment for these things can occur through Smartphones.

The future of technology and mobile devices will probably have a lot to say about how we pay and get paid.

Once we are all completely connected through social and location apps, things like this will start to become second nature.

Now if only we could find a way to get our batteries to behave a little better in the future.

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