Open Source Software

What Is Open Source Software?

There are many great types of software out there that you can use for both business and personal use, which you can outright buy if it does not come on your computer when you buy it new.

Open Source Software

Many things, like Microsoft Word, are on your computer but a trail version only. This means if you want to continue use it, you will have to buy.

Software is important, useful and there are good reasons to spend money on various programs.

However, if there is something you need and the price is just too steep for you, you can see if you can find something as a substitute through open source software.

There is a comparable open source program to Word called Open Office. It does the basics of what Word does and can make documents compatible with Word produced documents.

It does not have everything that you can get with Microsoft’s program, but it is a great substitute.

It and can be freely downloaded, though there is the option to donate some money. Anyone that needs a word processor but cannot afford one can use Open Office.

A word processor is not the only type of program that you can get through open source software. You can also find some great photo editors.

You may like Photoshop, but if you will have to dig deep into your pocket to buy it, or if you need a new version because the one you have is obsolete.

Open source programs may not do all that Adobe offers, but you will find something that helps you manage and edit your photographs.

In fact, open source software is available for most things you might want to do if you use your computer for anything other than playing games and answering emails.

Though not everything can be replaced with something that is open source, you can usually find something that will work for you.

You may find that it is all that you need, or find something that you can use until you can afford to purchase the software that you really need.

Software is expensive, and not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars on something they may not use very often.

When you choose to download and use open source software, donate some money if you can. You may not think that five dollars is enough, but every little bit certainly helps.

People out there are designing these programs so that we can get them for free or at a very low price.

They are putting a lot of time and effort into it. Even a small donation helps so that they can continue to develop new and better programs that you and I can then use sometime in the future.

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