Article Marketing Service

Finding a good Article Marketing Service

Article marketing is about the oldest and the best proven tool that any Internet marketer has at his disposal.

You sign up with an article marketing service, you publish a bunch of quality articles with the right keywords and you build the links that you need to be regarded as an authority on the Internet. You’ll end up getting better search rankings for all the in-demand keywords, too.

Article Marketing Service

But it isn’t enough to just get an article out there. A lot of people do the whole article marketing thing, and they come away shrugging that it doesn’t work and feel that maybe it is overrated.

In truth, article marketing it really is a proven and completely relevant strategy for ranking results. If it doesn’t work sometimes, usually, it’s because mistakes are made. Many times corners re cut and rules ignored. What rules? …you maybe ask.

Well, for instance, how often do you see articles on article directories that are poorly written and that have poor headlines? A cut-rate article marketing service will usually do this.

They’ll charge you maybe $20 to write and submit an article, but they’ll put out the most sloppily written articles ever. There is usually nothing in these articles other than the right keywords.

They only write these articles for Google’s benefit and not for real people to read. But this isn’t really how it works.

A popular and genuinely useful article will get you farther than an article that has nothing to offer but keywords and a few badly written sentences. People wrongly believe that article marketing is not about quality at all.

For instance, if your article really does provide useful information, don’t you think that people would be interested and come visit your website?

No article that’s written for marketing purposes should ever just be an ode to oneself. It isn’t supposed be written like an advertisement. It isn’t a sales pitch.

It’s supposed to be done the way real articles are – with quality information that the reader would seek out and read.

Okay, how about an article marketing service that advertises hundreds of articles for a couple of dollars?

Of course, the first thing that you need to realize here is that this doesn’t work. That’s the thing that you come back to all the time – does it give you the results that it’s supposed to.

In the long run, it won’t. An article marketing service that merely submits your articles to the article directories and then lets it go, isn’t good enough.

It needs to advise you on how to promote your articles by writing about them on Twitter and how to market them in other ways – for instance by putting out an e-book with all your best work.

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