Impressions and Clicks

What is meant by Impressions and Clicks?

Impressions and Clicks

An impression is counted when the banner ad is loaded into the users web browser. So every time the user refreshes the web page, or a new page is loaded an impression is counted.

Campaigns that are run on a CPM (Cost per Impression) basis, are where the merchant is more focused on branding. These are usually bigger merchants with larger budgets, who have the capacity to invest in branding with no needed return.

Impressions in CPM are usually worked with on a per thousand impression basis.

Clicks refer to every time a banner is clicked. So after the impression is loaded, the banner ad may attract the user’s interest to the degree that they want to find out more about the product or company.

When the banner is clicked the user is redirected to the merchants landing page, where they either view the site or purchase the product or service that the merchant has to offer.

PPC refers to Paid Per Click  or CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is where merchants are willing to pay website owners (publishers) per click.

Every time the merchant’s banner ad gets clicked on the publisher’s website and the user gets redirected to the merchant’s landing page, commission is earned.

Merchants select this option to generate traffic to their website, with the aim of converting this traffic into a lead or sale for their site.

Click through ratios, are measured as a ratio of the number of impressions to the number of clicks a banner ad receives.

A high click through ratio is indicative of how effective the banner ad is in peeking the visitors interest to click it through to the merchants website.

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