Internet Marketing is a War Zone

Internet Marketing - Where to Start

The next thing I would like to make clear is there is no easy quick way to make money on the Internet... without money, legally and in an honest way. If there is anyone who would like to challenge me on this, feel free. I would like to be the first to know about it.


I am also sure it is possible to start an Internet business with no major expenses except to have a computer, the essential software installed (of which some might be free), an Internet connection (preferable broadband), an idea, determination to implement this idea and a lot of typing effort.

My advice to anyone who does not have money to throw around, neither time to waste chasing "getting rich quick" schemes, is to sit down and decide what you want to do and achieve within the next few months or even years.

I had a few small businesses of my own which I started off from nothing, but money was needed to get it off the ground.

One thing I can also tell is a successful business is not build in a few days or months, but in a few years. I would say it takes an average of 5 years to establish a good sustainable business.

Why should an Internet business be any different? The same business laws and principles apply.

Internet Marketing - Where to start? First get yourself an "Internet get quick rich" shield. Please don't buy one, it's for free. Put it on and prepare for war.

You will be bombarded with emails, flashing ads, popups and many other marketing tricks and strategies. Defend yourself against it.

You would have to do research to know how to do and implement certain things, but guard yourself against being lured into "making money quick and easy" schemes...

And take one small step at a time!

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