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It is time to put myself and the purpose of this blog in the picture so all know what it is all about.

I've been playing with websites for a few years and only recently started looking at the marketing side of things. In the process I got involved with this "blog" thing - a new concept to me. ("Twitter" also surfaced and I still have to get the hang of it)


Let's get one thing straight, I am not an expert or a guru; but did learn a few things that can help others who are in the same boat than me.

If you want to start an Internet business and the following is true in your case - you might be at the right place to get going. (I assume you have an interest in the Internet and know a bit about software)

1. Like to do your own thing as far as possible
2. Do not have the money to pay for the design of your site(s)
3. Have a job and want to start Internet marketing part time
4. Do not know anything about HTML or PHP
5. Do not know which programs to use
6. Do not even know where to start

This was my profile a few months ago. (Points 1 and 2 are still the case)

I learned a few things myself which I did not see any guru or expert mention in my research about Internet marketing or the software involved. I would like to build up a "tips" source for anyone to refer to and in many cases prevent wasting of time.

Furthermore I would like to give some guidance and hopefully will get response from people who have a genuine interest in helping others and each other to be successful, and not to make a sale or earn commission as the motive.

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