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Are you considering to start Blogging?

It is the year 2010.

Start Blogging

Towards the end of 2009 I recapped on what I have achieved since I started this blogging thing, and where I am going. Looking back at when I started, to where I am now, actually surprised me.

It is amazing how much knowledge and experience one can gain in a short period of time – if you just get stuck into it.

Where I am heading also became much clearer. I have a clear vision now of my goal to guide and provide the readers of my blog with valuable information on how to start a “free” internet business.

I realized even more that to decide on the “topic” or “niche” of your blog is the most critical part of blogging, and to the success of your internet business. Therefore I will dedicate my next few posts to this.

What should my Blog be about?

For some it might be an easy decision, but I think for most it is a daunting task. The most important thing to realize it that you have to publish regular posts and to build traffic you must submit articles to article directories on a regular basis as well as partake in forums if possible. All of these should be original quality content.

It makes sense to find a topic that you are knowledgeable or passionate about. If this also falls into one of the “niche’ markets, you are in the pound seats.

It can be anything you are comfortable to write about. Cars (New on the market, Vintage, Trucks, Model T Ford), Gardening (Bonsai, Roses, Herbs, Fruit Trees), Health (Diet, Exercise, Cycling, Aerobics, Food, Recipes), Music, Movies, Celebrities, News, IT, Business, Pets, Nature, Tourism, Hobbies (Kites, Photography, Angling, Model Planes or Trains), Recreation (Golf, Yachts), History, Science, Space – you name it.

A good idea is once you have decided, or to get more clarity is to search the web for what you have in mind. Check out a few of the sites and the content.

At this stage you might get scared that you will not be able to provide the same quality. Don’t, just do research and try to figure out ways to present the same thing different or better.

I can guarantee you, 99% of these sites were not like that from day one. It takes time and development to get there – except if you have money to pay experts to do it for you.

See yourself in my league. I knew nothing. I was a beginner, newbie, rookie – whatever. But after almost a year I feel quite comfortable for people to visit my sites. Realize it is normal, a process to go through to get where you want to be.

Imagine you already have a blog. Start writing a few articles or posts you want to publish. See how you get along. I had great difficulty to get my first few posts or articles published.

Sure enough, soon you become used to it and it comes natural – a pleasure. I am sure most of the Gurus will agree on this.

It is most critical to find something you enjoy to write about. Take time and research before you take the first big step – to create a blog.

First put your mind and imagination to work!

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