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I have many fond memories of my life. One of them was when I had an auto workshop in Cape Town many years ago.

Minnie OnlineI had a Mechanic working for me at the time called Nadiem - a very talented and good guy I will always remember.

One of his actions I clearly recall is when he struggled to get a vehicle to start, and eventually (after going through all the tests and faultfinding step by step) the engine starts with that familiar running sound.

When it starts he will rev it up a few times, then stand back with a smile, put the the spanner he had down and shout these words "It's alive..!".

This Blog of mine was dormant for many years. I am now officially a well matured pensioner and it is time to revive it.

Since I started blogging in 2007 I went through many Blogging and Internet Marketing courses. I have spent a good amount of money on software and many fly by night ideas and schemes. Through practical experience I gained valuable knowledge about the Internet, its pitfalls but also possibilities.

This post is the first one in a very long time just to kick-start my Blog and to let Google know it is alive.

I am working on what I call an Internet Marketing cheat sheet to help people like me who struggled and are struggling, through all the 80% useless web information as far as Internet Marketing is concerned. The idea is for it to be a live working document to keep it updated with time.

The Internet (websites) is changing at a rapid pace and after all the years I can see and notice how many sites have been abandoned or are non-existent – some have been major sites.

Many Marketers (proclaimed gurus) disappeared of the Web and software has been discontinued together with its support.

I feel now is the time for this old pensioner to step in and help to siphon through the useless stuff on the internet. Looking at the situation our friend Google and his fellow SE's are in – they are fighting a losing battle.

Minnie Online is now once again alive and let's find the good useful stuff..!

(Do your thing WordPress – send the ping and let the globe know!)

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