Forums: Aimoo Free Message Boards

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Aimoo Free Message Boards is there for you to serve. This excellent internet kit yields the most supreme, crowd puller, feature swanky, society based forum services.

Forums: Aimoo Free Message Boards

They generally categorized their message boards according to particular customers. This is composed of highlights for the users, moderators and administrators.

Each category has distinct features such as free chat room support, moderation capabilities for moderators and administration customization for administrators.

Aimoo gives free chat room support to the users to have a good communication channel. They are free to talk to other users regarding something that he/she is interested in, in real time.

They also offer free polls support for users to be able to instantly create a poll as they create a new filament for forum, category and thread.

Another feature is private messaging (PM) because they recognized that in forums, there comes a time that users want to post a message to another user and don't want the entire forum to read it, and was installed by the community.

Users can also bookmark their favorite forums and threads.

As we fondly create icons when we post a new topic or replying to an existing thread, Aimoo provides emotion icons for their users. They also offer user customization options to allow users to be creative.

It is common that forum users might not be in the same time zone as other users. Aimoo offers a time zone adjustment as one of their coolest features. This allows the users to set a time zone for their profile and view the thread and message times in their own time zone.

3mB Image/photo hosting is provided for an excellent user, therefore super users can host images and photos on their image server. Another cool feature is the Wysiwyg message editor. This tool is a great html based editor that helps users to create posts with speed.

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