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Social Media Optimization Explained

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is in many ways similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in that they are both proactive methods to increase the online presence of a business to generate more business.

The media tools that Social Media Optimization targets are blogs, podcasts and vlogs as these are media platforms with content that changes on a regular basis.

With many social media platforms dominating the online activity of hundreds of millions of active subscribers, the possible bottom line results of employing the right Social Media Optimization techniques are infinite.

The main purpose of Social Media Optimization is to ensure that content can be easily located, distributed and shared amongst members interested in the content.

This not only generates market exposure for your brand but also directs traffic to your site, which will have a positive effect on your sales figures.

Good Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization techniques should be used in conjunction with one another in order to achieve the optimal results. It can have great influence over the amount of traffic your website receives.

Bear in mind that in the social media arena the focus is on sharing information and providing access to information to everyone.

Keep your media platform, whether it be a blog or vlog, interesting, informative and interactive, as this is what most bloggers are looking for in a media platform to share thoughts, ideas and common interest.

A few basic guidelines to follow when doing SMO:

  • Increase your linkability. Link the content in your website by including a blog which will allow you to keep content fresh on a regular basis.
  • Make Tagging and Bookmarking easy. It allows visitors to share content from your site or blog with others and also allows visitors to access your content easier.
  • Reward Inbound Links. The more incentives you provide for inbound links, the more inbound links will be created to your site or blog. It will become more accessible from other websites and in turn more traffic will eventually be directed to your site or blog.
  • Help your content to travel easily. The more portable your content, the further it can travel in terms of links back to your site which gives your content and your site exposure and directs traffic to your site.
  • Encourage People to add content. Let visitors share their view, add a comment or make a suggestion. This provides the interactive component that online social media is popular for.

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