Photo Editing Software

The Best Photo Editing Software is Still Photoshop

Photo Editing Software

With all the digital cameras in use around the world today, downloading images straight into digital editing software has totally replaced scanning, sending scanner sales and prices plunging. Who needs a scanner when there are no hard copy prints anymore?

Gone are the days of driving to the drugstore and dropping off your roll of film to be processed. Even pros who had their own darkroom can now digitally download pics straight from their super expensive, high-end digital SLRs. No more working in the dark with noxious chemicals and fiddling with paper prints.

Most printers sold these days can print high-resolution images directly onto photo paper in different sizes so all the user needs to do is download the images straight from their camera to the photo editing software, adjust the levels, then print out the digitally retouched picture. What a time saver!

Over the years since Photoshop first arrived on the scene, lots of different companies have tried to make photo editing software to compete with it, but all have failed. Microsoft even tried bundling Corel with all of the PCs it was selling and even that did not work.

People who bought those computers still purchased and installed Photoshop and would either uninstall the Corel or just never use it again. Photo editing software just does not get any better than Photoshop.

Whether you are a novice just trying to make your Facebook pictures look better or a professional photographer you will appreciate all to the incredible things that Photoshop can do.

Photoshop is second to none when it comes to variety of things that you can do to your pictures. Most people will never use the advanced functions of Photoshop such as learning to mathematically adjust the curves so that the picture is retouched to Art Director specifications, but it is nice to know you could if you want to.

Designers and Graphic Artists love the software because it is the easiest to use digital tool for making drop dead gorgeous collages and photo illustrations. There are some incredible artists using it as their canvas and creating awe inspiring pieces of art.

Galleries around the world now feature the work of these modern artists who make a living manipulating images in Photoshop.

Photo editing software such as Photoshop will let you use filters in order to retouch and modify existing photographs and illustrations.

You can run a photograph through one of these digital filters, such as brush strokes, or charcoal and the result will look like a brush stroked painting or a charcoal drawing.

You can make images negative or polarize them. You can saturate colors or change colors altogether. Pretty much anything you want to do can be done in Photoshop.

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