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Having a Top Blog Online

If you have a blog for personal use, or perhaps one to try making money through advertisements, you don’t want to spend your time writing something that no one is ever going to read or find.

You want to know that you are creating posts that are going to put your blog amongst the top blogs online and not a blog that eventually going to be lost in the shuffle of all that information floating around in cyberspace.

Top Blogs

There are a few things to think about before you begin, to ensure that you give your blog the best start you can, to some day end up with a very popular and heavily visited blog.

The first step to having a top blog is to have the right host. If you can manage your own blog, you should have your own host. Many people like to use WordPress blog setups and they work well. There are some that are free to use, and those are mostly ones that you cannot put advertisements or affiliates on.

There are others that you can do whatever you wish with, as long as you stay within their terms of use, which are pretty wide open in some cases. Make sure you understand the rules of any blog host you choose if you want to have top blogs that don’t get terminated because you abused the service.

Next, you have to have a good idea what blogging is about or you won’t get anywhere. You can have a great blog about model trains, but it does not mean you will have a huge audience. However, you may be one of the top blogs on that subject, and that means you can do rather well with it.

You have to decide if you want to write about something more general, like parenthood, sports, politics, or shopping, or if you want to have a niche like model trains, recipes for shrimp, or perhaps collecting marbles.

Decide well so you love the subject matter, and also that you have chosen something that you can write about often without great effort – it should come spontaneous.

Top blogs have staying power because they are fresh all the time. You can write ten or twenty entries and then leave it at that, but you will slowly lose any audience that you may have found, or that may have found you. You have to add new entries once or twice a week to stay one of the top blogs in your category.

The search engines will not be as kind to you if it appears you have abandoned your blog. New entries are loved by search engines, as they show the blog is active, and those are the blogs they know people want to find when they search.

Don’t forget to read while you blog. You should find top blogs and see what people are talking about and what is hot. That does not mean ripping someone off or changing your blog to something you do not like. However, you can learn a lot about what to write by seeing what more seasoned bloggers are doing.

They are usually successful because they have figured out what people want to read. Just looking through top blogs can help you with the direction in which you want to take yours.

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