Flash Website Designers

Skills essential to Flash Website Designers

Flash Website Designers

In order to create persuasive, eye catching web designs, it will be necessary to know how to create effects and animations and no better way can you do that than with the flash application.

Flash web designers know all too well the capabilities of flash and this is only limited by their imagination. In order to create dynamic flash websites and applications, a flash designer will need to be familiar with some finer details of the flash application. One of these is the ActionScript language.

ActionScript is the programming language used in the Flash application. The recent ActionScript 3.0 language has proved to be most effective in designing dynamic websites and effects. Flash website designers simply have no choice but to learn this amazing language if they are to provide their clients with interactive flash elements.

What is more, JavaScript can also be used to call flash functions or flash can be used to call JavaScript elements that make a website even more versatile adding to the overall dynamics of a website. Like I said, the level of interactivity that can be achieved is only limited by the level of imagination and creativity that flash web designers employ.

Flash designers also need to be able to use sounds and motion tweens in their projects.  Sounds are appealing to any web design and when effectively used, may bring life to an otherwise dull web design.

The use of sounds is also important if one is creating flash animations for products or advertising banners. Flash movies are very common on the web today and flash web designers who know how to use sounds in flash are an invaluable asset.

Flash animations can sometimes become huge if animations are done using the timeline rather than ActionScript code. Experienced flash web designers are aware of this all too well and will try to reduce the flash sizes by use of code whenever possible.

Web design that uses minimal flash elements is also favored by many website designers for reasons of search engine optimization. Most flash web designers will use JavaScript and basic HTML and input a few flash animations in their designs to avoid the web site becoming excessively heavy.

Heavy sites take time to load and many users tend to avoid them. A website that loads fast is increasingly being favored, especially when it is being accessed via a mobile device.

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