Creative Web Design

How To Be a Creative Web Designer

Nothing worth anything comes cheap. That could not be truer when it comes to web design and even more so to creative web design. What makes one website more appealing and attractive than another does? For once, simplicity in website layout plays an important part.

Creative Web Design

Creative web design in not seen in a website full of colourful graphics and animations. Rather, one maintains its aesthetic look and still allows its visitors to come back again and again.

What else is involved?

Take time to design the header. This is the part of the design that will stand out to your visitors. Generally, it should contain a logo, banner or other graphical detail that introduces your business to the visitor. Don’t make it too tall though, otherwise it might dominate the screen space defeating its purpose. The navigation area also matters.

The challenge comes when you have a lot of content on your website. For a fairly average website, a horizontal bar navigation menu will allow for more content to be added to the web page. If you want to keep your visitors coming, keep the navigation part of your website easy and simple.

Take time to design the bottom or footer section of your website as well. This section contains your contact details and links to important pages. Alternatively, you can decide to use this section to remind your visitors of what was contained as well as some links that were in the content section of the page. This is an important part of creative web design.

While the header, footer and navigation are important to a website, unfortunately this is not why the visitors will come to your site. The heart of a website is the content and this is what your visitors will especially be interested in.

Take more time here, and come up with content that is relevant to your business and to the point. The more relevant your content is the more beautiful, appealing it will seem to your visitors, and this will draw them to you every time.

Since the goal of your website is to retain your visitors as long as possible, avoid unnecessary outbound links from your content as this will only serve to detract them.

At times outbound links is useful for information purposes. In this case, format links to open in a new window, therefore not leaving your site. The best links are those that will be opened with you’re a web page of your own. Avoid using large pictures on your website unless absolutely necessary.

Creative web design takes time and effort, but the results will speak for themselves.

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