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Blog Design Inspiration

The Web is growing at a giant pace and the proof is the many websites and blogs that are designed for developers and designers looking for ideas. I personally cannot keep up with the blog designs that are published on an almost daily basis.

While it is a well known fact that the same old rule of “Content is King” still rules the blogosphere, it is also equally true that a blog needs a good design that includes overall color matching, typography, clear navigation, proper text and paragraph alignment.

With so many websites and blogs striving for people’s attention, it can be a challenge to stand out if you do not have a good design.

You need to be inspired if you want to design something professional that will give your visitors the feeling that some time, innovation and effort was put in to develop your blog. So how do you get inspired?

Blog design inspiration is everywhere on the Web. In fact, the challenge comes in making the decision on what to go for. There are hundreds of galleries to choose from categorized in industries and type of content you want for the blog.

The blog functionality is another important consideration. Is the blog interactive? Does it have plenty of images or video content? Do you need a login for visitors? Asking these questions is part of effective blog design.

Some bloggers always want to customize everything. For example, the colors and fonts may not match their liking or what they plan to do with the blog. This is where another form of blog design kicks in – blog customization.

While this may require some knowledge of Web design or working with code, it is a small step in the direction you want the blog to take and sometimes that may be the only way to go.

Why not hire a reputable designer to do that for you if you feel you don’t have the skill or the time to do it yourself? Outsource work that you feel will be better done by an experienced person rather than learn the entire skill just to customize a small section of your blog.

Blog design inspiration is also about passion. If you are passionate about what you do, you will find different ways of doing what you love. It has to be said that the first design you choose will usually not be the last you want to stick with.

Inspiration is not about sticking to one thing, but requires diversity. In blogs, this is often done by trying out the different designs available. If, for example, you are working on the WordPress platform, you have the freedom of trying out different themes and gauging the visitor response.

Blog design inspiration sometimes comes from the visitors themselves and in most cases this is the best way to go. As the saying goes, sometimes the way to go is the crowd way.

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