Content Writing

How would your website benefit from quality content writing?

Content Writing

As much as you read SEO articles, you come across one repeated message – content is king.

They tell you that to get your website to the top of Google’s organic SERP’s you need to either write, or have written for you, lots of information-packed articles that will offer any visitor as much knowledge on the subject as anyone would desire.

They say that you need to get articles published every day if possible, or one every week at the very least. You need to look like you are a master on the subject (where¬† ‘look like’ is the operative term).

Does this then mean that if you aren’t an expert on the subject or if you can’t hire one to have the content writing done for you that you might as well not have a website at all?

What if what you do doesn’t really lend itself to the writing of amusing articles? What if what you sell are bottle openers or flash drives?

Who on earth would want to read an article about these things? Perhaps we need to clear the air on the matter a little bit.

If your website is dedicated to the selling of prosaic stuff, you don’t need to try hard to find something to say often enough to fill an article each week.

Look up any of these things on Google and you don’t get any articles – you just get pages where you get to buy them. Thankfully, no one really takes the content writing advice too literally.

What you need to do is, you never add reading material to your website unless it is stuff you would want to read yourself – unless what you publish is material that the people coming to your website would be truly interested in reading. That’s what the SEO advice to do with content being king actually means.

You could say much the same thing about the press releases that websites with mundane boring products put out. They believe that Google will think they have something of worth to say and will give them a little search engine love.

Press releases for mundane products don’t really get any press. And if you believe that it’ll get you into few Google Alerts, you’re in for a bit of a disappointment.

That’s a trick the search engines are wise to. Write press releases or get content writing done only if the information you have to put out is truly interesting and serves a purpose.

Webmasters who get hung up on the notion that they need to put out content regularly forget about all the content writing that they could legitimately get on their websites without having to scrounge for stuff.

Explain well what someone trying to buy your products would want to know. Explain in detail how each product you sell functions and try to answer the questions that buyers trying to pick one product over the other would think of.

Try to do product shootouts and the like. You should find your website more popular than anyone else’s before long.

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