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What Exactly Can The Fantastico cPanel Do For You?

Not so long in the past, if you wanted to put up a website, the process was anything but simple. You had to know a good deal about HTML or PHP. Even getting a hosting account and publish your site would need the mastering of all kinds of strange stuff.

Fantastico cPanel

These days, when you buy web hosting, those things that you need to do to get up and running are easily handled with the control panel that the hosting provider offers you. cPanel happens to be one of the more popular control panels out there.

However, cPanel doesn't really take care of the worst part of getting your website up and running – actually putting your content out there. That's where the whole Fantastico cPanel process comes in.

The regular way of putting a website up would be to program it in HTML or at the very least, to use an HTML editor like Dreamweaver to make short work of it, and then to upload it to your website.

You would then need to keep updating your website from time to time. This can take quite a bit of expertise. A content management system like WordPress or Joomla!, make things much easier. First, you need to install either on your hosting account.

Once these user interfaces are installed, putting content on your website – videos, articles or anything else – becomes super easy. You just have to create a page or post, upload stuff and you're done.

But there's one little complication – how exactly do you get WordPress or Joomla! or any of those other content management systems on your hosting account?

WordPress is supposed to be super easy to install on your own – super easy being a term that's relative, of course. WordPress installations are pretty easy. To a newbie though, it can seem daunting. Joomla! can seem even tougher.

For instance, on WordPress, you need to first upload all the files, you then need to create a database and all the tables, connect to the database, run this all correctly and so on. That's where the Fantastico cPanel comes in.

It's a program or script that runs with cPanel that completely automates the installation of open source content management systems like WordPress.

Nearly every hosting service these days offers some kind of automation. But Fantastico cPanel happens to be the most popular and perhaps the smoothest implementation of anything available out there.

It's a great thing that free expression is no longer only open to the club of technophiles. Just about anyone can set up a website now with ease and get going.

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