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Blogging and Traffic Secrets from the Pros

For Most Bloggers Traffic Generation is Rocket-Science

Blogging and Traffic Secrets

If you have a blog and would like to learn an easy way to get free traffic and search engine rankings, this article will guide you, step-by-step.

Before we move forward I want to talk about getting traffic and why most bloggers get it wrong.

Up to 89% of blog owners think about traffic as hits, and put people alltogether. They’re looking at traffic as statistics, and forget the basics – at the end of the other line there’s a breathing human being; with probably the same problems, wants and needs as you.

If these bloggers would not look at traffic as hits, and will give thought on who they really want to attract, and who are they really talking to on their blog, traffic generating won’t seem hard anymore.

Yes, for most bloggers traffic generation is rocket-science.

When you master the basics, blogging for traffic will seem a total breeze. Just look around, and notice the pro bloggers out there. Do you think they’re hunting for traffic? Not at all; they’re probably not actively generating traffic. They make traffic work for them.

Here is an illustration to make my point across:

Imagine blogger A (the newbie) on the other side of the road… trying to attract the attention of the audience (the cars on the street and folks around) holding a BIG red sign “Visit my blog ->”

Now picture blogger B (the professional) who has an entire army of people and cars advertising on his behalf, all across the road.

89% of bloggers are trying too hard to get their traffic; they’re publishing articles and writing blog posts; dabbling with SEO, Twittering, forum marketing, and so on.

A small percentage of the bloggers out there recognize the power of leveraging so they’re taking advantage of other people’s traffic, rankings and authority.

If you want to get on the boat of pro bloggers, then you have to act like they act and do what they do:

Step #1
Think BIG and keep your focus (know who are you really talking with; who’s your ideal client?)

Step #2
Run interviews, ad swaps and blog roll exchanges with like-minded bloggers in your field and industry

Step #3
Never pay for advertising unless you have your metrics tested and proven (for e.g. you know exactly your visitor value – click and lead revenue). If you know that for each visitor to your blog, you’re making $1 a month on average, then you probably could afford to pay 50 cents per unique visitor; you’d reap half a dollar as profit, right?

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