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Tips For Blog Writers On Keeping Readers Coming Back

Creating and maintaining a blog is very hard work. Getting a fan following and keeping them engaged requires deep and creative thinking – on a regular basis. Building a proper following for a blog requires more than just attracting newcomers, even if fresh blood is invaluable.

Blog Writers

At some point, you’re going to have the concentrate on keeping the following that you gained. It’s all about having spectacular content, actually. You keep hearing of the term blog community, don’t you?

A community comes about when there are enough permanent members interested enough that they wish to stay on. Once you have that kind of loyalty, you can probably depend on them to bring in new readers down the road.

Blog writers have to be fresh and imaginative of course; but there is something there to be said for being a regular. Sometimes, a creative post can take a little more time to finish than your weekly publication deadline will allow.

The important thing however is to understand that if there is no regular reason to keep coming, no one is going to know when to expect you to come up with something. But writers need to give their readers a reason to keep coming back at regular intervals. If it is a habit, they will never forget.

Keeping your blog fans interested requires showing that you aren’t too good to be interested in what they have to say too. Any time a reader comes up with the question, starts a thread, blog writers need to be ready to give them their moment in the sun (not that blog writers are the sun). Consider sending them individual e-mails with links you believe they might find relevant (as long as you don’t spam).

Did you ever notice how regular advertisers keep preaching to the choir? Even if there is a section of the market that is pretty much converted to their product, they keep reminding them with repeated advertising (albeit much less of it) that they made a good choice.

Blog writers need to do much the same – to remind steady readers that there is a reason they keep reading steadily. To do that, you’ll need to do many of the same things you would, to attract new readership.

Put your blog address in your e-mail signature, promote your blog on your other websites, and of course, you can ask friends, family, colleagues to promote the name of your blog to people they talk to.

If you put your mind to it, there are literally dozens of ways in which blog writers are able to promote their blogs. It’s all about getting creative.

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