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Don’t Lose Revenue By Marring Your Blog With Annoying Ads

As well as a means of expression, blogs are also a means of revenue. Click through revenue is the surest source of income for a blog site. However, if the blog ads are annoying you might not only lose money, but a reader who might have, at some time, clicked on one of your revenue generating ads.


Keep your readers coming back. If they don’t find an ad on your page that strikes their interest now, that doesn’t mean they won’t find one later.

The greatest offense you can commit against your own interest is to turn a dedicated reader off with those wretched, impertinent, annoying blog ads.

So, what kind of ads will so annoy visitors that they will click the previous button to get out of your blog? A while back, “PC Magazine” did some research on such ads. Things haven’t changed much.

What annoyed people then, unsurprisingly, annoys them still today. Here, in capsule form, is a short list of what ads most annoyed web cruisers and provoked them to get out of the page, away from the site, and never come back again.

  • Animation is fine, if you make it a very minor part of your page, but those billboard, neon flashing, blink and wink ads simply distracts the reader – sometimes to the point where they are not able to read what you’ve taken such careful pains to say. Art, think art, think subtly, think blinking eyes, shaking head and a groping for the first way out. Sure, they catch your attention, but that’s just the problem.Readers want to attend to the words on the blog. If you must animate, think small, one letter, a little light, but that’s more than enough.
  • Just as nobody likes flashing lights in their eyes, nobody likes thunder in their ears. Audio probably has no place in blog ads. First, it’s too expensive in terms of downloading. The page hangs, plugins are needed, and your reader really wanted only to read what you had to say, not come up to the latest download. Unless you’re selling sound, stay away from these.
  • They’re everywhere, floating ads that just, well, float. They float up, they float down, they float across your screen like bugs. Try to close one of these suckers if you can. It’s impossible. Stand still!
  • You’ve gone to far when you’ve finally allowed a video blog ad to appear. Hey, if I wanted a movie, I’d watch television. No, don’t use these or you’re sure to find your numbers down, way down.

These are just a few cautions. There are more. The best you can do is to think as an artist thinks when you lay out your blog page and blog ads: everything in its proper place, in pleasing proportion, in balance.

If you chose your ads carefully, with regard to the sensibilities of your reader, if you are considerate of their sensibilities, your page will not only be a source of information, but what’s as important to you, a source of income.

Moderation will stand you in good stead when it comes to your blog ads.

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