Song Lyrics

Professional Singers Search For Song Lyrics – But Beware…

Few things will turn an audience against you quicker than not knowing the song lyrics. Everyone knows when you are muffing your lines. Just like a bad actor in a play, when you screw up the words it really makes the whole thing seem amateurish.

Song Lyrics

The solution is simple: learn the words! What could be easier than looking up the words to the songs you are singing onstage? Getting the lyrics using an online search engine can be a challenge however and if you go on the wrong sites, you could even get very bad viruses.

Assuming that you were not born in the 1920s and know how to navigate in cyberspace, knowing how to search song lyrics should not pose much of a problem.

Go to Google, Yahoo, or one of the other search engines and type in “lyrics green day dookie”, and it will pop up at least a hundred hits of sites that have the lyrics to all of the songs on the Green Day album called Dookie.

When you click on some of these sites, you will indeed get the lyrics you desire and you are free to copy and paste them into a document, or just print them from the page you are looking at.

Some sites however do not allow you to copy the text. Many more sites have an annoying popup asking if you want to purchase the ring tone for the song lyrics you selected. Very annoying because if I had wanted to search for a ring tone that’s what I would have done.

The worst that can happen is that you click on the link for the suggested site and immediately you get a virus warning that pops up on your screen. “Your Computer is Infected!” the popup screams, blinking in and out menacingly.

“Click Here to Run a Computer Scan” and if you do click there a virus is immediately downloaded onto your computer that will not allow you to surf the web anymore.

This is called a Web Hijacker Virus or Phony Security Warning Virus and whatever you choose to call it the result is that you could lose all of the data on your hard drive.

You might have to get your hard drive scrubbed, and that is definitely bad news especially if you have not backed up in a long time.

So be very careful when downloading or when you search online. You might get a Trojan or other harmful malware and lose a lot of your work.

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