Wireless Network Security

Ensure Wireless Network Security is in place?

Wireless Network Security

It seems that everything is going wireless these days. Though this is very convenient, it does bring up some issues about safety and security of personal information.

Hackers like to break into wireless networks in order to get information that may allow an identity to be stolen or to simply drain people of all of the money in their accounts. This is why anyone using this technology should give some serious thought to wireless network security.

Most home systems have build in wireless network security that can give you peace of mind. These are made so that no one can access them unless they have an access code.

If you have a wireless system, you may notice that you come up with many different signals when you want to connect your computer to the Internet. You will notice some are secure and some are not.

You may be able to hook up to the unsecured ones, but you should not be able to access the secured ones. This is because wireless network security is in place and working correctly.

 This is when you have to think about wireless network security. Most nice hotels and some coffee houses, among other places, offer free wireless Internet.

However, there is very little security when you use this type of service. For the sake of wireless network security, you should never use this type of access for things like personal banking, PayPal, or shopping with a credit card. Thieves could easily get into your accounts because you have made it easy for them to see your personal information.

If you are in a hotel using wireless Internet, but you really have to do some personal banking, ask the hotel if they have a business center that has a secure connection for this.

However, remember that even though you have found something that is secure, you have to remember that someone will come along after you and use that computer. Sign out of everything , clear the cookies and the history before you leave the computer.

Even though using a secure wireless connection, leaving clues on any secure connection shared with others can be risky as well. Always use caution with any type of connection, even with your one at home. This is a bigger worry in urban areas, but identity theft can happen in any small city or town as well.

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