Malware, Spyware, Adware

Malware, Spyware, Adware – Covert Online Spies

Be Aware of Malware, Spyware and Adware

The Internet is a powerful tool that provides everyone online a way to be connected to each other, gather a lot of information and enjoy convenient services like online shopping and banking.

Malware, Spyware, Adware

However, many of us Internet users are at constant risk of adware and spyware downloads that make us extremely vulnerable to malicious acts.

We often unknowingly fall prey to malicious software as we innocently use the Internet. These adware and spyware downloads can come bundled with some freeware programs we use and sometimes, simply browsing a site puts us at risk.

Being infected with unwanted software can be very serious. Some adware, spyware or malware proliferate the Web to infect our computer systems which gives us no control over unsolicited pop ups as part of targeted market efforts.

On extreme criminal cases however, malicious software is used to take note of keystrokes, scan our computer’s hard drive and steal important passwords and financial information.

The information gathered covertly is used for identity theft, which can cause us major headache and at least thousands of dollars to clear our names.


New Mac spyware found on Angolan activist’s computer – PCWorld

New Mac spyware found on Angolan activist’s computer. Previously unknown Mac OS X spyware, signed with a valid Apple Developer ID, has turned up on the laptop of an activist from Angola at a human rights conference in Norway. Security researcher and privacy activist Jacob Appelbaum found the spyware on …

Adware and spyware are infecting our computers and most of the time we don’t even know that they there. However, you can be suspicious of adware and spyware when you begin to have uncontrolled pop-ups from unsolicited sources.

Sometimes, even without the telltale pop up ads you may notice a suspicious slow down in your computer’s processing without any apparent reason. Your system slows down because these adware and spyware parasitically use up your system’s resources to be able to perform their functions.

The only way you can be sure if your computer system is infected with malicious software is by installing an anti spyware program that will detect and flush out the unwanted programs.

The proper anti spyware can also prevent future adware and spyware downloads. You need to choose an anti spyware program that does both.

Be wary of downloading anti spyware on the Net because some spyware are disguised and marketed as a free anti spyware.

One more thing you can do to protect yourself from unwittingly downloading malicious programs is to read the fine print. When installing a new program into your computer, you are asked to tick off an option of whether you agree or disagree with the programs end user license agreement (EULA).

Do yourself a favour and read what is written in the agreement before agreeing to proceed with the installation. Many shareware and freeware programs come bundled with spyware and adware programs and in some cases, you can learn about them by reading the agreement carefully.

Because adware and spyware come bundled with your download, these programs will not run independently. This means that if you have a good anti-spyware system installed in your computer, you won’t be able to install the infected program.

Consequently, if an existing program infected with spyware is in your system, your anti spyware system will attempt to remove the infection.

Since most spyware are closely bundled into certain programs, the removal of the spyware may cause the legitimate program it comes with to stop functioning as well.

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