Podcast Clients

What is a Podcast Client?

A podcast client is the software used to access and download podcasts. Podcast clients are also known as media aggregators, programs designed to automatically access an online file or feed and download the audio or video file associated with it.

Podcast Clients

Hundreds of these programs exist like IpodderX, Juice, Nimiq, and PodSpider. Because there are so many available for free, it is easy to find one that suits an individual’s needs and style.

These programs run on the user’s computer, periodically downloading a small RSS file from sites that it has been told to monitor. The RSS file tells the program about an audio or video file stored on the server and the podcast client then downloads that file for the user to view or listen to.

The podcast client thus allows the user to view information on a wide range of topics without even using a web browser. Just as RSS Blog Feeds updates people about any topic they are interested in, podcasts do the same for audio and video.

Using the podcast client to access and download the files makes it as easy to keep up with the sites one likes, as it is to publish the feed.

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