What is Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense? The History of Google AdSense Google AdSense has its roots in the old “Google Content-Targeted Advertising” program which they introduced back in March 2003. Although this program was similar in concept to AdSense, there was no automated way of participating. Each webmaster negotiated a deal directly with Google, and websites that […]

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What is RSS?

What is RSS? Learning the Basics of RSS I had to learn a lot about a lot of things. RSS was on them. Maybe this can also help the next guy… What is RSS? You probably have seen this three-letter acronym in the course of your internet surfing. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or

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More About Software Viruses

More About Software Viruses Polymorphic Software Viruses In just a year production of polymorphic viruses became a “trade”, followed by their “avalanche” in 1993. The authors of viruses were competing not in creating the toughest virus but the toughest polymorphic mechanism instead. These viruses require special methods of detection, including emulation of the viruses’ executable

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Software Viruses

Software Viruses

Software Viruses THE HISTORY OF COMPUTER VIRUSES I asked myself the question many times – “Why viruses on the Internet and where did it started?” I did some research to learn more about it… A Bit of Archaeology There are different opinions on the date of the first computer virus. The Nivac 1108 and IBM

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