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For more than a decade, I looked at and purchased various internet marketing software, systems and courses. Some were advantageous in gaining knowledge about online marketing and all the aspects thereof, but most were just hype and a waste of time and money.

Although I gained good knowledge about internet marketing and had some success part time, I struggled to get to the next level. Due to my career and the rat race I was in only limited time was spend in advancing in online marketing.

I grasped the enormous opportunity of internet marketing but all the information overload and hype caused me to jump from one marketing idea/system to another. Going in circles got me nowhere fast. Time passed and when I opened my eyes, it was time for retirement.

Being on retirement granted me more time to look at online marketing again. One email I received caught my attention and I investigated the content – causing me to stumble upon SFM (Six Figure Mentors).

The more I looked into SFM, their system and course content it became clear that there is a big difference between their system and previous internet marketing systems, training/courses I encountered.

After thorough research, I joined the Six Figure Mentors program and never had a moment of regret. The above board professionalism and system they have in place is recommendable.

With the knowledge, I gained during previous years in online marketing I could tap into their system, have my site, mini site and email sequence for list building up in no time. The SFM system makes it possible for a newbie to be up and running within a few weeks, depending on the time and effort put into creating your own online business – successful.

The SFM business opportunity is the first online marketing training and system I can recommended with confidence and a clear conscience.

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